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Our chosen charity is Guide Dogs.

Guide Dogs provide mobility for the blind and partially sighted. Supporting research, raising awareness and campaigning for the visually impaired. There are many ways to support Guide Dogs and our team have enjoyed being part of various fundraising teams and events.

We also have had the pleasure of looking after a number of Guide Dogs in Training and also raised 2 Guide Dog puppies between us.

To find out more about Guide Dogs and how you can get involved please visit: www.guidedogs.org.uk

Our Guide Dog Gallery


"Echo - 2016"

Trainee Guide Dog "Echo" with her sister.

Echo stayed with us for around 4 months before qualifying as a working Guide Dog. She's working in Devon if you see her!


"Vespa - 2014"

Guide Dog Puppy "Vespa"

Vespa was our second puppy and she was always a challenge. She made it to advanced training, but after much effort and deliberation, sadly she was withdrawn and was rehomed as a family pet.


"Jake - 2015"

Trainee Guide Dog "Jake"

Jake is a beautiful dog.  Very well behaved and a joy to look after. He qualified without a hitch and he's now working in Cornwall.


"Oona - 2015"

Trainee Guide Dog "Oona"

Oona became known as a firm favourite with her trainer. Very willing and wanting to please. She qualified and she's living in Brighton.


"Linford - 2015"

Trainee Guide Dog "Linford"

Linford became known as Lord Linford because of his superior manner and his statesmanly walk. Qualified in early 2016


"Basil - 2016"

Trainee Guide Dog "Basil"

Basil is a Labradoodle. He was only with us for a short time at the end of his basic training. He is a real character and always smiled and wanted to play when he was "off-duty:.


"Pudsey - 2011"

Trainee Guide Dog "Pudsey"

Pudsey was a gentle giant. He qualified early 2012 and he's supporting his totally blind Guide Dog Owner in Cornwall


"Lance - 2012"

Trainee Guide Dog "Lance"

Lance qualified in 2013 and he's working in Wales


"Wallace - 2012"

Trainee Guide Dog "Wallace"

Wallace became known as Wally because of his erratic behaviour. Sadly, he didn't make it and was withdrawn during basic training.


"Brook - 2014"

Trainee Guide Dog "Brook"

Brook was our first puppy and he made it through the training to become a working Guide Dog for an injured ex-serviceman who lost his sight.


"Blade - 2013"

Trainee Guide Dog "Blade"

Blade was a star from the start and qualified in record time. He was a joy to look after.


"Edward - 2015"

Trainee Guide Dog "Edward"

Edward qualified in early 2016 and he's working in Sussex.


"Brian - 2014"

Trainee Guide Dog "Brian"

Brian sadly didn't make the grade to become a Guide Dog but he's now fully employed working for H.M Prison Service


"Brook - 2013"

Guide Dog Puppy "Brook"

Brook was our first puppy. This picture was taken on his first day with us at 7 weeks old. Very cute!


"Brook - 2014"

Trainee Guide Dog "Brook"

"Vespa - 2014"

Trainee Guide Dog "Vespa"

"Mary - 2013"

Guide Dog Puppy "Mary"

"Titus - 2017"

Trainee Guide Dog "Titus"

"Gracie - 2015"

Guide Dog Puppy "Gracie"

"Echo - 2015"

Trainee Guide Dog "Echo"

"Ulani - 2017"

Trainee Guide Dog "Ulani"

"Juno - 2017"

Trainee Guide Dog "Juno"

Juno is a loveable dog. Likes his walks in the woods and nothing better than curling up on the rug in the evening to sleep.


"Tyler - 2017"

Trainee Guide Dog "Tyler"

Tyler is a fun loving and energetic. Likes free runs in the Warwickshire countryside and lots of fuss when he's not at school.

Teddy & Annie

"Teddie & Annie - 2018"

Trainee Guide Dogs "Teddie & Annie"

Teddy is a pure Golden Retriever and his best friend and training pal Annie is a pure Labrador. We looked after both dogs separately and also together. They loved training and playing together

Teddy & Annie

"Annie & Tillie - 2018"

Trainee Guide Dogs "Annie & Tillie"

Tillie and Annie pictured together. We looked after both dogs separately and also they stayed togther for a couple of weeks too. They've both moved on to another training school with Guide Dogs for the advanced part of their training